AI Add Container
AI Add Enemy
AI Add Friendly
AI Add Neutral
AI Add Obstacle From Level
AI Add Obstacle Vertex
AI Add Player
AI Add Static Obstacle
AI Add View Blocking Obstacle
AI Add Waypoint
AI Add Zone
AI Clear Waypoints
AI Complete Obstacles
AI Container Exist
AI Count Waypoints
AI Create Sound
AI Debug Hide Avoidance Angles
AI Debug Hide Obstacle Bounds
AI Debug Hide Paths
AI Debug Hide Sounds
AI Debug Hide View Arcs
AI Debug Hide Waypoint Edges
AI Debug Hide Waypoints
AI Debug Show Avoidance Angles
AI Debug Show Obstacle Bounds
AI Debug Show Paths
AI Debug Show Sounds
AI Debug Show View Arcs
AI Debug Show Waypoint Edges
AI Debug Show Waypoints
AI Delete Path
AI Discard New Obstacle
AI End New Obstacle
AI Entity Assign Patrol Path
AI Entity Assign Zone
AI Entity Defend Area
AI Entity Defend Point
AI Entity Duck
AI Entity Exist
AI Entity Follow Player
AI Entity Go To Position
AI Entity Hold Position
AI Entity Look Around
AI Entity Look At Position
AI Entity Move Away From Sound
AI Entity Move Close
AI Entity Move To Closest Sound
AI Entity Move To Cover
AI Entity Move To Idle Position
AI Entity Random Move
AI Entity Remove Zone
AI Entity Reset
AI Entity Search Area
AI Entity Separate
AI Entity Stand
AI Entity Stop
AI Entity Strafe Target
AI Get Entity Angle Y
AI Get Entity Avoiding
AI Get Entity Can Fire
AI Get Entity Can See
AI Get Entity Container
AI Get Entity Count Targets
AI Get Entity Destination X
AI Get Entity Destination Z
AI Get Entity Heard Sound
AI Get Entity In Zone
AI Get Entity Is Ducking
AI Get Entity Is Moving
AI Get Entity Is Turning
AI Get Entity Move X
AI Get Entity Move Z
AI Get Entity Stance
AI Get Entity State$
AI Get Entity Target ID
AI Get Entity Target X
AI Get Entity Target Z
AI Get Entity Team
AI Get Entity X
AI Get Entity Z
AI Get Player X
AI Get Player Z
AI Hide Errors
AI Kill Entity
AI Kill Player
AI Make Memblock From Path
AI Make Memblock From Waypoints
AI Make Path
AI Make Path Between Points
AI Make Path From Closest Waypoints
AI Make Path From Memblock
AI Make Waypoints From Memblock
AI Path Add Point
AI Path Count Points
AI Path Get Point X
AI Path Get Point Z
AI Remove Container
AI Remove Obstacle
AI Remove Waypoint
AI Remove Zone
AI Reset
AI Set Console Output Off
AI Set Console Output On
AI Set Container Active
AI Set Entity Active
AI Set Entity Aggressive
AI Set Entity Can Attack
AI Set Entity Can Duck
AI Set Entity Can Hear
AI Set Entity Can Roam
AI Set Entity Can Strafe
AI Set Entity Collide
AI Set Entity Container
AI Set Entity Control
AI Set Entity Defend Distance
AI Set Entity Defending
AI Set Entity Fire Arc
AI Set Entity Hearing Range
AI Set Entity Hearing Threshold
AI Set Entity Hit
AI Set Entity Idle Position
AI Set Entity No Look At Point
AI Set Entity Patrol Time
AI Set Entity Position
AI Set Entity Run Away When Hit
AI Set Entity Speed
AI Set Entity Stance
AI Set Entity Turn Speed
AI Set Entity View Arc
AI Set Entity View Range
AI Set Player Container
AI Set Player Ducking
AI Set Player Position
AI Set Radius
AI Show Errors
AI Start
AI Start New Obstacle
AI Team Follow Player
AI Team Separate
AI Update
AI Update Waypoint Visibility

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